>>>>>>>>> CLASS IS FULL <<<<<<<<<<<<<

Hey all! So glad you are here! I see you have been SUPER busy today! So thrilled to be working together and to start with such a cozy group of high achievers. There are a few people that are not in the FB group yet, please keep an eye out for them and welcome them when they come in.

Some of you took the 5 Day Insta Visibility Challenge in early February and saw immediate results. Well hold onto your seats, it's about to get crazy.

Thank you so much for being here. I really can't say that enough. Everyone in this group is a hustler and you are all very busy.

My promise to you is to work with you, answer your questions, and get you not to only get you visible, but get you comfortable being visible.

The challenge in February was so successful because everyone who participated did the work AND also lifted up the others. This is a huge key to success.

As you will see from Instagram, getting visible is not just about you, it's who you connect with, who you inspire and to attract people to YOU.

While I said that this program was "for coaches" I got news - this program ain't just for coaches. Anyone can use this strategies to build a business. Ultimately - it's about connecting with other human beings.

I feel very connected with you, and you want your dream clients to feel a connection with you.

And...if you think you might be an introvert and that you don't have what it takes. That's bs your mind is telling you. Believe me, I clung to my "shy, introverted" label for 33 years, until I told it to fuck off.

You have that power.

No matter how cliche, you are meant to do great things. You are one of the elite that decided to start your business and to change the world. Oprah made that decision too, one person at a time.

Or what about Marie Forleo? Gary Vaynerchuk? Kimra Luna?

They did not start out with empires.

  • They started out one person at a time.
  • One viewer at a time.
  • One follower at a time.

How did they do it? --> Through Social Media.


And I'm not shouting at you. I know each and every one of you. This isn't some random post. I personally know you! I know YOU have more than enough. Now it's about getting ALL EYES ON YOU!

Xx Chrissy


Module 1:


Videos coming soon...


·         Love Bomb Nation

·         FYFM Strategies

·         Researching & Posting Hashtags

·         Content strategy

·         Triple Your Exposure Overnight

·         Curating Images the Convert

·         Trash to Treasure (no we aren’t antiquing we’re lead generating)

·         Intro into Video (yes you will be making videos)

·         Sourcing Quotes

·         Time Zone Strategies

·         Pour some sugar on me (How to target the most popular images to hook audience attention)

·         If Someone Offer You a Seat on a Rocket Ship (Growth Hacking)

·         How to get Top Accounts to Shout You Out (the right and the wrong ways of IG biz)

·         Share groups

·         Analyzing What’s Working

·         Outsourcing

·         The Power of Direct Messaging (using it like NO ONE ELSE is)

·         Monetize your tribe

·         What to do if Your Account gets banned

·         Local Physical Business Strategies

·         Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads and the almighty Power Editor



·         100+ Hashtags for Coaches and Online Marketers

·         Landing page tweaks to get up to 90% conversion rates

·         Top 10 Phone Apps that you NEED NOW