When Starting Out

Lead Generation -

Affiliate Marketing -

Website -

  • Buy a Domain Name - I have used Godaddy.com for years and loved them.
  • Get a Website - I've used many different website platforms and squarespace.com has been the easiest and the most professional looking one.
  • Get Profresh Looking Email - Use the godaddy email - this is a paid upgrade.  I've use the email with squarespace but because it's hosted by gmail - there are limitations and some tech issues.  The easy thing is to get right from godaddy.com that way when you end up outgrowing square space, you'll be able to without issue.
  • Download SumoMe- It's free and it's a MUST!  This was a game changer and it was totally free!  It's one of the best things ever.  I sent them love mail.  I stalked them on IG.  I sent love and birthday wishes to Noah for my freaking love of this service.  And so, they sent love back.  They setup a custom page for you to get other tools for free too.  Click here and enter your website address and then it will give you step by step instructions how to add the tool to your website.  This is major.  Want to print money from your website?  Sounds cheesy, but it's all about collecting email address.  This is how I collect email addresses.  And it's free!!!!
  • Sign up for an email service - The MOST important thing when starting your business is to build an email list and actually email them.  ConvertKit is not only the cheapest on the market, it has the most features! More Bang for your buck.
  • Get landing page software immediately - Remember those email addresses you need to collect?  SumoMe gets them on the flip side and landing page software - get them and SEGMENTS them.  (Let's say you have 3 different free offers, you'll have a landing page for each offer).  I highly recommend ConvertKit instead of leadpages (then when you get rolling you can upgrade to OntraPort like I just did)
  • Get a 99 Designs Logo - Here's the thing.  I work with an Art Director (high level designer) and I still use 99 designs.  Why??  Because working with one person will not give you the professional direction on your entire brand.  If I hire my art director to make me a logo that I don't like, I still pay for her time.  With 99 Designs you get TONS of designs provided to you and you only pay for it if you like it.  This is #1.  Don't skimp on this guys - this is serious.  Don't get your friend to design you a logo either (been there done that and then felt guilty to use it).  You get so many options.  This is the first thing I do.  Check out this link to see an example of the top notch designs you get and just what it could do to your business. 

Apps -

  • Dropbox.com - It's free and it's a MUST!  Install the app on your phone too so you can 1. Create a graphic on your PC and immediately have access to it from your phone.  Also, you can set it up where ALL pics and videos taken on your phone will be uploaded to dropbox.  This is an absolute MUST for my biz.


  • Trello.com - This is the master todo list for your life!