Insta Sales in 60 Days

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Insta Sales in 60 Days

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This is an exclusive invitation to enroll in Insta Sales in 60 Days

This IS THE LAST TIME it will be offered LIVE this year!

If you are seeing this page, it is because you are on the VIP list.

This price will expire in 6 days!

Join me in an intimate experience for this new program.

Where do you want to be in your business in 60 days?  It's right around the corner.

Do you have the clients?

Do you have the business?

Do you have a proven and automated system?

You might be where I was exactly 1 year ago.

A year ago - I had NO idea about any of this!

I tried facebook, linkedin, pinterest and finally decided to start playing around on Instagram.

After many failed attempts, I finally figured out a super simple system of attracting future client leads to my list and at the 60 day mark (actually less than 60 days) I started seeing the sales roll in!

My secret?


Everything comes from Instagram.

I have an entire sales funnel - client leads signing up with me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Even when I snuck away to the Virgin Islands with my family, or to Iceland for 10 days with my Fiance, or this past week when I disappeared to a mansion in the hills of San Diego (where I didn't log in once - only to find a flood of new leads), I always come back to new leads, new interest, new requests, more publicity, you name it.

Instagram is a star, not only in my book, but for MANY:

Brands - Coaches - Entrepreneurs.

Basically if you have something to sell, I can show you how to bring in the clients you need to get out of the starvation mode and into REAL GROWTH and REAL MOMENTUM.

What you can expect:

A week by week course.

The program will begin Monday April 10th.

It is an 8 week LIVE program, with an additional 2 weeks of implementation (totaling 10 weeks)

You will receive a certification upon completing.

I will hold office hours weekly - for ANY support you need directly from me.

We have a secret Facebook group for the group for support and where you can interact with Alumni.

You will spend (on average) about 1 hour per week outside of the learning (this is where you implement).

You will NOT be spending money on Facebook or Instagram ads.

You will have a completely automated Instagram Funnel when you complete this course.

But guess what?  I WILL teach you how to run successful Facebook Ads that convert (and on the cheap!)

How good would that feel?

I know, for me, and most of you that I have talked to, this is a huge burden and there is a TON of emotion around it.

The not know what to do or how to do it, but the knowing that it needs to be done.

Ready to ball those feelings up and throw them out the window?

Well get ready, because you will have everything put together and there is NOTHING that feels better than seeing those sales emails roll in, one by one by one.

Or hearing the DING on your phone every time a sale comes in.


What I can expect from you!

Yes there are expectations on my end.

I know that only 4-6% of people complete online courses?

What the CRAP?


So I thought back and one of the things that I really needed was accountability.  I craved it, but every course I joined I did not have any.

It was like I signed up and that was it.

This course is different.

I run a REAL Multi Million $ business with 3 business Partners.

In fact, the reason this course will only be LIVE one more time this year. 

Over the past year I have helped HUNDREDS of Entrepreneurs use Instagram to turn into a lead gen machine, I am POSITIVE I can help you too.

You will learn techniques that are REAL from a chick (me) who is actually in business who has sold Millions of ACTUAL dollars of products.

There are plenty of people who would love to charge you $5,000 - $25,000 and sell you a bunch of air that has never really worked in a business.

That person ain't me.

So if you want to grow your business - REALLY - like seeing your bank account move, your numbers move and your list increase, this course is for you.

So we good?

Mmmmm, K.

Let's do this!

Oh by the way - did I tell you that you get lifetime access to the program once we DO release it to the public?

Yep.  You get it forever.

DOORS CLOSE and class begins 4/10

Alright, I think that is everything.

See you on the inside.

As soon as you enter your information and pay, you will receive a link that will only last 24 hours.  Make sure you click the link and save it!  Then you are in!!

Xx Chrissy



Laying the Perfect Foundation

  • Unmask the simple Instagram Funnel (that you can implement immediately)
  • How to Build a Profitable Online Empire
  • Create the Perfect Lead Magnet (in less than an hour)


Magnetize Your Profile

  • Discover how to captivate top influencers who can spread your message.
  • Learn what is keeping you invisible.
  • Evaluate the bio you're using and how it's affecting your bank account.
  • Figure out who you are meant to attract.


Develop a New Tribe

  • Fine tune your persuasion skills to help you crack through your rigid “lead generation ceiling”.
  • Transform your profile into a client generation machine.
  • Develop the strategies needed to get the right people looking at your profile.
  • Uncover the methods to create quick success.


Content Development

  • Get access to the best time zone strategies for each day.
  • My 4 insider tricks to automating and perfecting your client attracting pitches.
  • Get into the heads of your leads, clients and followers to find out what kinds of content will make them connect with you immediately.


Systems and Techniques

  • Learn the exact strategy anyone can use to 3x their exposure right away.
  • How to build trust and loveability from the strangers and lurkers that follow you.
  • I'll show you the "big secret" that all the top converting accounts are using.


Fine Tuning Your Account

  • Finesse your client attraction skills and learn how to "double down" on what is really working on your account.
  • The hidden way to get your account back if your account gets blocked (it's common and most people don't know the steps to take or how to contact the right people).
  • Irresistible power of direct message (that is the opposite of everyone else).


Automating Conversions

  • Everything you need to know about driving traffic for local businesses.
  • Putting it all together and understanding exactly how to outsource it all.
  • Get know the exact ways to make multiple streams of passive income with your account.


Advanced Strategies

  • Learning to go deeper with an Intermediate and Advanced Instagram Funnel (super charge time).
  • How the PERFECT Clients can come to YOU.
  • Perfecting your Instagram Persuasion - (hone in on the HOT BUTTONS that talk directly to your Dream Clients)