What if I were to tell you, it’s possible to...

Do the work you were called to do?

What if I were to tell you that it is not only possible to do the work you were called to do, but to live the life you were called to live?

Are you ready to step into a the life you were born to live?

I'm Chrissy Marriner, and I teach Coaches and Online Entrepreneurs how to create their dream life in real life.

I'm here to show you how to attract dream clients 24 hours a day.  So you can live the life you've always imagined.

At the moment you're nervous, worried and completely overwhelmed.  You just aren't sure where or when your next paying client will come from.  You don't want to give up your dream business, but you're scared if you don't start attracting clients soon, you'll be forced to throw in the towel.

I know what it feels like to feel like you are so close to something, but not yet grasping it.  I also know the feeling of seeing that first client sign up, and that second and third and knowing that there are so many more to follow.

When I first started this business I had no idea what I was going to be teaching, but I knew this was the work I was born to do!  I felt awake and alive and each day I was determined that I was going to make it work!  Everyday I had a new idea for the business.

Do you feel a little lost with your business?  Like your idea changes almost as often as Taylor changes her hair color?

You aren't alone!  I flip flopped from idea to idea, changing names, logos, styles and entire business plans.  In fact I put together and entire program, spent months on it, and it didn't sell one spot.  Sound familiar?

Finally, one day I was playing around on Instagram and to be frank, I got pretty darn addicted.  I was kicked out twice within 2 months, under two different accounts, but by December 2015 I knew I had discovered these secret strategies. 

I went from having 0 sales and 0 leads, to adding over 1,000 dream clients to my email lists without paying a dime for Facebook ads. 

That is when everything changed.  I went from flip flopping around to having a business that runs on my terms.  I spend many of my days with my son, I've worked with dream clients, my Fiance, son and I have been able to travel the globe on several trips, and was just brought on to work with the highest level Entrepreneurs from around the world (by my Mentor, Scott Oldford).

You really can create the life of your dreams in a short amount of time.  You can build the type of business that allows you to treat your friends when you go out, wake up without an alarm clock, send random and exciting surprise gifts to your hubby, travel the world, create a cult following, and build a brand that impacts the lives of clients all over the world.

I stumbled upon this gold rush completely by accident and it has blessed my business without having to fork over wads of cash using Facebook ads.

I've used Instagram and have:

  • Sold group coaching programs
  • Launched Giveaways
  • Launched Challenges
  • Grown a Facebook Community from 0-800+ in a couple months
  • Sold physical & physical products
  • Generated over $13,000 in sales in 5 weeks
  • Pre-sold products and programs
  • Connected and collaborated with the best and brightest Entrepreneurs
  • and the list goes on

I've done it by using Instagram to attract dream clients 24/7, and you can too.


DREAM CLIENTS...will eagerly jump - and sign up to your list and will want to know MORE about YOU!

Learn how to monetize your Instagram and attract clients.

All the juicy secrets are covered in Insta Gratification 2.0.



Laying the Perfect Foundation

  • Unmask the simple Instagram Funnel (that you can implement immediately)
  • How to Build a Profitable Online Empire
  • Create the Perfect Lead Magnet (in less than an hour)


Magnetize Your Profile

  • Discover how to captivate top influencers who can spread your message.
  • Learn what is keeping you invisible.
  • Evaluate the bio you're using and how it's affecting your bank account.
  • Figure out who you are meant to attract.


Develop a New Tribe

  • Fine tune your persuasion skills to help you crack through your rigid “lead generation ceiling”.
  • Transform your profile into a client generation machine.
  • Develop the strategies needed to get the right people looking at your profile.
  • Uncover the methods to create quick success.


Content Development

  • Get access to the best time zone strategies for each day.
  • My 4 insider tricks to automating and perfecting your client attracting pitches.
  • Get into the heads of your leads, clients and followers to find out what kinds of content will make them connect with you immediately.


Systems and Techniques

  • Learn the exact strategy anyone can use to 3x their exposure right away.
  • How to build trust and loveability from the strangers and lurkers that follow you.
  • I'll show you the "big secret" that all the top converting accounts are using.


Fine Tuning Your Account

  • Finesse your client attraction skills and learn how to "double down" on what is really working on your account.
  • The hidden way to get your account back if your account gets blocked (it's common and most people don't know the steps to take or how to contact the right people).
  • Irresistible power of direct message (that is the opposite of everyone else).


Automating Conversions

  • Everything you need to know about driving traffic for local businesses.
  • Putting it all together and understanding exactly how to outsource it all.
  • Get know the exact ways to make multiple streams of passive income with your account.


Advanced Strategies

  • Learning to go deeper with an Intermediate and Advanced Instagram Funnel (super charge time).
  • How the PERFECT Clients can come to YOU.
  • Perfecting your Instagram Persuasion - (hone in on the HOT BUTTONS that talk directly to your Dream Clients)

Yes, that is 8 Modules OF EPIC stuff!  Come join the others already in the group!

Learn to master the fastest growing social media platform where the average post engagement is 57x higher than on Facebook:

In this 8 Module Intensive course you'll also learn:

  • Juicy Visibility Hacks
  • Discovering targeted hashtags that mean $ in the bank
  • Convert followers into dollars
  • Learn all the secrets and hacks that my Insta Coach taught me (over 200,000 dream clients + 799K followers)
  • Uncover the secret behind the hottest images on IG and learn how you can leverage them on your accounts (hint: you don't have to take better photos as many experts will tell you - this has NOTHING to do with you taking any photos at all)
  • Learn the tricks that the experts on IG use to build their audience
  • Discover exactly how an Coach can use IG to gain clients (that is unique to other businesses online) and WHY IT WORKS
  • VA/OBM/SOCIAL MEDIA Experts can use the information in this course and sell as an add on monthly service for their clients and pocket $200-$2,000+ more per month per client
  • Automate it all

Learn to master the fastest growing social media platform where the average post engagement is 57x higher than on Facebook with...


Imagine what FULLY BOOKED feels like?

This time last year, I never would have been able to:

💎  Take off on a whim to a 5 star Luxury Hotel nestled in the mountains of wine country
💎  Be able to a eat farm to table for each of our meals
💎  Take off in the middle of the week
💎  Upgrade our hotel room

...and get in some client work and planning (ahh what could be a better business trip).

But my Fiance and I did just that.

Last year - this business wasn't created yet.

Wow - that's crazy to type that!

It's no secret how we are able to do this.

It was Instagram.


RESULTS from the Alumni

Insta Gratification changed the way I approach Instagram forever!

I now have a clear purpose for my interaction on Instagram, and am confidently growing my following organically, and attracting the right people who are interested in my message and want to work with me. 

Chrissy was INCREDIBLE at helping me work through my hesitations and stick with the plan of moving forward and creating my business in the most natural and fun way by bringing my true nature into my Instagram feed. 

Insta Gratification taught me how much FUN it can be to grow my following and show off my creativity unapologetically!

AmyJo Davies


OH MY GOODNESS there are so many great things to say!!

Chrissy's Insta-Gratification course is a complete GAME CHANGER!!

It has allowed me to change my whole marketing strategy, making it simpler to keep up with and more effective.  

Using her easy to follow strategies I took a brand new IG account to over 1000  super engaged follower in just 6weeks!

My list is steadily growing and I'm booking more Discovery calls than ever! Thanks Chrissy for giving me the 'freedom' back in my biz!  -

Jen Migkos


Insta Gratification was an easy to follow and yet thorough program.

It helped my small handmade business gain over 6,300 IG followers, connect with my clients and doubled my last year's sales in just 4 months!

Katerina Tsagaraki


Hannah posted her praises (YES you can successfully sell products using Insta Gratification)



Screen shot of actual Stripe transactions happening 24 hours a day...yes, all from Instagram.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We create products that work.  If for any reason you are not 100% thrilled with your purchase, we will refund the entire purchase. 


Frequently Asked Questions


When does the course start?

You will receive a login within 24 hours of signing up that gives you instant access to the entire course!


What if I am too busy?

You will have access (forever) to the material!


What type of business can use this?

Any kind of business.  Originally this was specifically for Coaching and those in Service based industries, but since we opened we have had people from all kinds of industries including retail stores, makeup artists, photographers, and those with online shops take the course.  We currently have 43 students enrolled from all types of industries.


What if I don't have a huge following right now?

You don't have to have any online presence.  You don't even have to have an Instagram account yet!  I will teach you everything that I know and did to attract dream clients.  I had multiple accounts on Instagram for years and I never made a dime using the platform until learning these strategies.


Once I learn the strategies, can I become an Instagram account manager for brands?

YES!!  We have had students take their knowledge and start side businesses managing Instagram accounts for others!  You will find that what you know after you go through the course is worth it's weight in gold.


How is this course different?

I created this course because after I learned how to attract clients 24 hours a day from Instagram, I found that no one was teaching the specific strategies I was using. 

I found several courses on Instagram that ranged from $97 - $1997.  I even purchased several courses to compare.

What I found were teachings specifically related to bloggers taking better photos or ways to use IG to boost followers quickly.

We don't cover these methods in this course.  We teach specifically ways to attract dream clients, then once you nail that method, we teach you how to scale your business using Instagram by automating the techniques that work.



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