We are about to get started...but first...


I've got some LUXURIOUS PRIZES to give away.

Here's how to play!

  1. Join the contest ( http://bit.ly/2dQNanD ) and SHARE THIS CHALLENGE LINK! You may use ANY of the graphics that you find on this page.
  2. Get your business besties in on the action. Make sure they sign up and JOIN THIS FACEBOOK GROUP.
  3. Each time a friend joins - welcome them to the group! One point for each person you welcome!
  4. This contest will go on for the next 12 hours!


(Oh hey guys - while this might seem like a chicks only contest - it isn't - guys LOVE the skincare and your Mama, your sister, wife or girlfriend would love the makeup). After this challenge there ***might*** be another contest that involves a massage giveaway ;P

Day 1 - Video Training


Day 1 Strategy Questionnaire

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